Deep Ecology Online Week 5 – Seeing with New Eyes: The Council of All Beings

To prepare for Session 5 – Seeing with New Eyes: The Council of All Beings please enjoy the 36 minute video presentation below. It is very important this week that you also take the time to prepare for your role in the Council of All Beings by getting outside in nature, finding your non-human ally, and making your mask.

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Video presentation

Video Presentation for session 5: Seeing With New Eyes, The Council of All Beings

Preparing for the Council of All Beings

Our suggested process is described in the video presentation at 28 minutes, and here below in written form or downloadable PDF. We recommend you take at least an hour for this process, although you may be called to stay in connection with your ally for much longer.

1. Going outside in nature

Choose somewhere you can connect with nature and take your phone with you. This could be simply in your backyard, a suburban park, or somewhere more wild. Somewhere safe, and where you’re unlikely to be disturbed. If you want to head out somewhere where there is no mobile reception, download the audio first from here.

Before you head out, you might want to collect some basic mask-making materials so that you can get creative as soon as you get back! Cardboard, scissors, coloured crayons or paints, glue or tape

2. Finding your natural ally / mentor / other than human being

Stream this audio when you are outside in nature, listen to our series of invitations … and allow you natural ally to find you. This is like a mini vision journey, a sit-spot, a meditative practise. Deeply listen, observe and connect with your ally.

Audio: Finding your ally

3. Making your mask

Use your basic materials, plus any natural materials you’ve brought back with you from nature, to create a mask that represents your ally. It can be super simple or a magnificent work of art(!), get creative, have fun, and use this process as a way of connecting even more with your ally.

Make sure this mask has:

  • eye holes so you can see,
  • a way of attaching it to your face (e.g., string, elastic)
  • a large mouth hole so we can hear you clearly

4. Connecting more deeply with your ally / mentor

In the time before we meet, you might like to observe your ally again out in nature, or do some research through reading, journal, or practice sitting quietly and seeing through the eyes of this being, anything that helps you understand and feel your ally more deeply.

Try your mask on, see how it feels, does it fit okay, stay on? Play with it, feel comfortable being with your ally, becoming your ally in this way. (Reach out to your buddy if this is a very powerful experience for you, and you want to stay grounded and connected with your human self as well.)

5. Getting ready to come to the Council (BYO mask)

When Sunday morning comes around, we invite you to BRING ALONG YOUR MASK (don’t put it on yet, we will start in human form), and also to let go of anything you may have planned to say.  See you there!

Further Resources

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NOTE: This session will be about 2hrs 15 minutes in duration.

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