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Deep Ecology Online Week 4: Seeing With New Eyes: Remembering Cosmogenesis

To prepare for Session 4 – Remembering: Cosmogenesis and Seeing With New Eyes please enjoy the 20 minute video presentation below. Please also take the time to explore the embodied practices in the form of recorded guided meditations, the home task, and additional resources.

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Video presentation

Comic Walk Timeline: online version

We will be exploring a more embodied version of the cosmic spiral in the zoom session, so you might like to explore a more “heady” version (with extra science) here in our online version of the Cosmic Walk timeline

Embodied practices

Please enjoy the embodied inquiry practices for this session through the recording below. These inquiries build on previous week’s explorations, and will benefit the coming session as well as hone the skills introduced previously.


Optional home task

  • For this session, you might like to bring along an object, or to journal with an experience to share with the group: something that you feel reconnects you to an experience of deep time.

Optional additional resources

Recommended Reading

The Universe Story: by Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry

Zoom Meeting Link

Please visit the following page to access the zoom link for joining the live session. We will be using the same zoom link each week. Please remember to arrive five minutes or so before and be settled and ready to begin on time.


For this zoom session some of the time will be spent in a guided meditation which goes for about 45 minutes. This will be preferably enjoyed lying down, so you will need a comfortable place to do so, and any yoga mat, props, warm clothing etc, that you might need, especially if you plan to be outside.

NOTE: This session will be about 2 hours in duration.

Core practice of Session 4

The recording below is the core practice Tenzin will share with us in Session 4. If you can attend live, we suggest you do NOT listen to it prior the session. If you cannot join this week, feel free to take 45min and enjoy!


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