Cosmic Walk Timeline

This page displays a visual version of the “Cosmic walk” group process, a journey that spirals through deep time from the birth of the cosmos to the present day. This process is intended to guide participants in coming into contact with the enourmous scale of time which we now know is spanned by the story of our reality. The story touches on just a handful of the important events that have shaped our our cosmos, solar system, planet and biosphere.

For further resources, variant versions of this story and useful links, please visit the “Cosmic Walk” page.

1) The Big Bang

13.7 billion years ago, our Universe flashes into existence, lit by the power of the eternal matrix of being.

11) Predator-prey co-evolution

1 billion years ago, increasingly, predator organisms learn to use the complex biomolecules of their prey organisms, thereby saving themselves the effort of making their own.

12) The first multicellular life

700 million years ago, the first Multicellular Organisms emerge. Some organisms begin living together in colonies, finding ways to communicate with each other using chemical messages

15) The first amphibians emerge onto land

395 million years ago – The first amphibian animals hop and lumber onto land, trading in their gill slits for air-breathing lungs, transforming fins into stubby legs and continuing to return to the water to lay their eggs.

16) Forests evolve

335 Million years ago, the first subtropical forests evolve. Over generations, these forests load themselves with carbon extracted from the atmosphere which later becomes fossilized as coal and oil

19) The first birds

150 million years ago. Birds emerge, a direct descendant of the dinosaur as leg bones evolve into wing bones, jawbones into beaks and scales into feathers.

20) The first flowers

114 million years ago, Flowers evolve gorgeous and overt sexual organs, making themselves irresistible to insects by way of colours, perfumes, and delightful nectars.

31) Our sacred Story

Today The Story of the Universe is being told as our sacred Story. The Flaring Forth continues as this moment, as us, as one. Cosmic Walker says “And this is MY story”