“Ecological ideas won’t save us, what we need is ecological identity, ecological self” –Arne Naess

This is an example of a possible logo design for our website. The basic form is intended to evoke a zen sumi-e ink painting or Japanese calligraphy, or the calligraphy of the late venerable Zen Master Thich Nhant Hanh. A traditional subject of such sumi-e ink painting in Japan, the ensō is rich with associations, among them the unity of enlightenment and emptiness. The circle may be drawn open, allowing for movement and development through “wabi-sabi” the beauty of imperfection. Here, the circle is opened still further into a spiral. Evoking the unfurling of a fern frond, the growth of a seashell, or more fundamentally, the Fibonacci series seen so frequently in nature, this spiral is also a key underlying concept in the work that reconnects. The spiral maps a practitioners journey from gratitude, through grief, insight, and engagement. There is also a symbolic echo of simply “DE” a common abbreviation for Deep Ecology.

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