Deep Ecology Online Week 2: Gratitude and Praise

“Praise beloveds,

let us disappear into praising.

Nothing belongs to us”


To prepare for Session 2 – Gratitude and Praise, please enjoy the 35min video, home tasks and guided meditations below.

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Video Presentation

This video presentation is brought to you by DeepEcology.org.au facilitation team members Skye Indira and Miraz. This week we are moving into the 1st step of The Spiral; Gratitude. At the end of this video you will find the practice invitations for this week.

Home Tasks:

Please refer to the end of the video presentation for a detailed explanation of the home tasks:

  • Practice of “noticing” (reasons to be grateful in your life. For example health, ease of movement, basic needs, relationship, privilege, interconnection)
  • Practice of “praising the wild others” A walk in nature, solitary if it feels safe and appropriate. Allow yourself to be drawn to an object or a being. Engage with this being with the possibility that it is as interested in you as you are in them. Allowing this dance of curiosity to come alive. Outwardly or inwardly naming what you love about this being.

Journaling: You may wish to explore gratitude in your a journaling practice, noting down three things each day this week (and even continuing thereafter!) that you are grateful for.

Guided Meditations:

Please also enjoy these two introductions to some embodied resourcing practices, Mindful Walking and Sitting meditation from Br. Tenzin.


Optional pre-session Reading:

To explore some of the history and background of the Deep Ecology Movement, a good place to start is through the life and work of Arne Naess:

You may also wish to read this article about a gratitude practice from the Buddhist tradition called “The Great Ball Of Merit”. We will be exploring this practice in the live session.


Zoom Meeting Link

Please visit the following page to access the zoom link for joining the live session. We will be using the same zoom link each week:


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