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posts and that consist of biographical information of facilitators or other important figures

  • Bio: Pat Fleming

    Pat has been has been facilitating Deep Ecology and the Work that Reconnects workshops, and giving talks, trainings and webinars in a number of countries over some 40 years. She’s […]

  • Bio: Karina Miotto
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    Bio: Karina Miotto

    Karina is an environmental educator and journalist. She lived in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil for many years and worked with major NGOs. She was an editor of the O […]

  • Bio: Miraz Indira

    Bio: Miraz Indira

    Miraz has co-facilitated group work with Skye for a number of years, in the form of healing retreats in Peru and deep ecology immersions and workshops in Australia. He has a background in corporate […]

  • Bio: Skye Cielita Flor

    Bio: Skye Cielita Flor

    Skye grew up on a farm in South Africa and spent her early yearsimmersed in wildlife conservation and rehabilitation before going on towork as a wilderness guide. She then spent […]

  • Bio: Inna Alex
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    Bio: Inna Alex

    Inna Alex is a passionate deep ecology facilitator, community organizer,  and sustainable living educator. Her earth-based lifestyle in Tui Community, New Zealand, has provided her with many practical skills in permaculture […]

  • Bio: Br. Tenzin (Dr. Alex Anderson)

    Tenzin Alex Anderson began his path toward Deep Ecology with a doctorate researching the impacts of Climate Change on rainforest biodiversity. Inspired by teachers such as the late Ven. Thich […]

  • Bio: Patrick Anderson

    Bio: Patrick Anderson

    Patrick Anderson is a forest activist and student of Buddhism. Since the 1980’s he has participated in and occasionally led Deep Ecology workshops and processes in Australia and Europe. Patrick […]

  • Bio: Eshana Bragg

    Eshana is a pioneer in the field of ecopsychology, and has been facilitating deep ecology workshops and the Council of All Beings since the mid-1990’s. She even wrote her PhD […]

  • Bio: John Seed
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    Bio: John Seed

    John Seed  is founder and director of the Rainforest Information Centre in Australia.  Since 1979 he has been involved in the direct actions which have resulted in the protection of the Australian rainforests. […]