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Embodied practice: Body Scan and Total Relaxation

The following recording consist of a guided body scan and total relaxation. This practice builds on the embodied awareness and breath meditations introduced in previous sessions, cultivating a sensitivity to subtler sensation in the whole body. These practices are beneficial as a way to increase embodied awareness, the capacity to maintain that awareness over a longer period, and for relaxation and stress management. You will also find they are of benefit when you revisit those earlier practices, as they hone the same skills.

For these practices you only need some comfortable clothing, a comfortable place to lie full length on the floor, and a bolster for under the knees, a pillow or folded blanket under the head, and perhaps warm clothing or a blanket over the body. The idea is not to fall asleep though, so it is not recommended to practice these in bed when we start out.

Audio: guided body scan and total relaxation – 32 minutes


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