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Embodied practice: Breathing Through

The recording below consists of an introduction to the practice of “Breathing Through”, a variation on the popular Buddhist practices of compassion meditation or “Tonglen” offered by Joanna Macy among the practices for “Honouring our Pain for the World”. This practice is a foundational practice in the Boddhisattva path, and a cornerstone of the Work That Reconnects. The guidance offered here is accessible to a practitioner with any level of experience, but will be most effective built on a basis of familiarity with the practices of basic sitting meditation and basic breath awareness. As with any such practice it is one which clarifies, deepens and becomes more effective with patient repetition. The practice below takes about 20 minutes. For course participants it would be a wonderful thing to incorporate this practice into a daily routine including basic breath awareness and mindful walking as preparation for week 3.

Audio: Guided Meditation “Breathing Through” -25 mins

Guided Meditation with Br Tenzin: Breathing Through

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“for the healing of ourselves and the world, we need to be able to stay open, to be present to our world and other beings, and all that it is going through. This is a great necessity, a great secret and a great freedom for us”.

-Joanna Macy

“We may feel like we have lost the ground under our feet. It takes our breath away. The first thing to do is to regain our footing. The practice of conscious breathing can help us come back to the present moment and come back into the body”

-Thich Nhat Hanh

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