Book: “World As Lover, World as Self”, by Joanna Macy

An enduring classic of the environmental movement, Joanna Macy’s poetic, groundbreaking call to action is poised to inspire a new generation

Parallax press has released a 30th anniversary edition of Joanna Macy’s important book, outlining her approach to practices for engaging with the global ecological situation.

It’s official: humanity is in crisis. Facing the magnitude of our global situation as individuals leaves us feeling powerless and despairing. When we need wisdom and solace, there is no better than Joanna Macy, one of the grandmothers of modern environmentalism, whose life’s work has been to hear and heal our pain for the planet. World as Lover, World as Self draws on a lifetime of deep awareness that re-focuses us on the natural world, where readers can find the spiritual nourishment to envision a future built on a sustainable relationship with the earth. Rooted in the Buddha’s teachings of paticca samuppada or “interdependent co-arising,” Macy’s reflections were radically relevant for activists who wanted to address the underlying mindset of fear, greed, and selfishness that give rise to overconsumption and the ultimate destruction of our world. Drawing comparisons to Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, this definitive 30th Anniversary edition gives a new generation of readers the real reasons we cry out, and the depth to make a difference.