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Song: “I Am A Child Of The Universe”

A song about our Origins and cosmic story written by Theo Simons of the band Seize the Day (http://www.seizetheday.org/music.cfm?…), and sung here by deep ecologist, author and activist John Seed (johnseed1@ozemail.com.au and http://johnseed.net/). John is singing it in MoonCourt in the Blue Mountains of Australia (https://pagaian.org/articles/mooncourt/), which has a brass spiral inlaid in the floor representing the Unfolding Cosmos for the telling of the Universe Story. John had been facilitating an Earth, Spirit, Action workshop during which that story – our Story – was told, in a Cosmic Walk ceremony: https://pagaian.org/articles/cosmic-w…


"I am a Child Of The Universe"

Here's a little history of a bigger mystery
I have written this story into my song
If it isn't what you're use to
I hope it will amuse you
Maybe if you choose to 
then you'll sing along

It goes...
I'm as old as the Universe
I've been here before
and I'll be here again
I'm a child of the universe
I'm a part of all women
and a part of all men

Once upon a sometime
and once upon a somewhere
and once upon a somehow
there was a big bang
Energy evolving
and energy dissolving
Energy revolving
and that's what I am

Just a little notion
A pattern in the potion
One ripple in the ocean 
no purpose or plan
Suddenly I found me 
inside a little boundary
with water all around me 
and my life began

Feel a little cramped in here
Need a bigger atmosphere
Push the cover back 
and we're ready to go
up into the sunlight 
out into the moonlight
Give appetite a green light 
and watch the world grow

I'm a little flower
that blossoms for an hour
but in me there's a power
that grows on and on
Power at the root of me
power in the shoots of me
power in the fruit
that will pass my seed on

I am not a somebody
I am not a no-body
I'm a cell in one body
filling all space
All I ever could be 
and all I ever should be
and all I ever will be
is here in the place

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