by John Seed
I pray
To dissolve myself in the Earth
To feel humanness dissolve back into the Earth
Whence it came

With each outbreath to ask the Earth
To purify
To mingle
To dilute
This over-concentrated humanness

And with each inbreath
To breathe in the ancient flow
The unconditioned pure certainty that comes
From 4000 million years of uninterrupted success

And for this to dissolve the crystal
Craggy structures within
Of habituated poverty and fear
Of this tiny identity turned inwards upon itself
Breathing only its own emanations
Dancing only to its own petty tune

To gently waft through this poverty consciousness
With playful, generous, exuberant abundance

And with the outbreath
To tease it out into the world
(as much of it as will surrender)
And out in the world
To mingle, comingle, dance and disolve
So that the next inbreath comes in
Pure and uncompromising
From the vast southern ocean breath
From Antarctica, (remembering Gondwanaland
When that land and this land were one
And my DNA scurried out of the way
Of dinosaurs)
And once again dissolve
The puny structures of the ego
The wretched disconnected human song within
So long deprived of connection
With the great billion voices harmony
Which alone can give it meaning and endurance

And each time the inbreath
Is like a sponge soaking up the bile
The corpses full of fomaldehyde
The foul rotting vapours
For so long feeding on themselves
Hidden from the sun
Divorced from the exchange
The interplay
That alone can keep things fresh and alive

And on each outbreath squeezing the sponge dry
Allowing it to soak up
Pure alive sparkling water
Which pours cleansing, diluting, dissolving
Thru ancient holding, ancient arrogance...

And as the human falls back into the dance
Back into harmony
With the tune that created it
I offer my eyes to the Earth
So that it can have my perspective
Offer all my senses
So that all that I see from this place
The Earth can see
I quit refusing to be Her organs
Quit holding back my perspective
Quit blinding Her to what my eyes see coming down
Become that part of Him
That can see
Warning Her
Preparing Him
Alerting, waking, and pleading for more
More diversity please
More eternity
More time
To dissolve impurity and be dissolved
To be aligned again within the Earth
To fall once more into ancient harmony