Terms that are used by deep ecologists:

Biodiversity. Including human biodiversity. The variation of different life forms. Includes the notion of invasive species and diversity.

Climate change. The scientific term for the changing of the climate. Another popular term for global warming.

Deep Ecology. The philosophy of placing Nature and humans on the same level enhancing the protection of Nature.

Ecocide, The. The extermination of the biodiversity and wilderness. Not the environment. Includes the so-called “global warming” as with too much humans there is too much CO2 and climate change which is actually the weather abnormalities.

Ecology. The science of the relationships and interactions between life forms on earth. It includes the relationship between humans and Nature (or environment). Ecology is not a philosophy or a movement.

Eco print. The ecological footprint which is the expansion of the popular carbon footprint as it includes things like wasting of water among many others.

Environment. The place were humans exist. It excludes the wilderness although humans tent to include it simply as human existence is possible without it.

Environmentalism. The protection of the environment as a place where humans live. A philosophy and a movement.

Global warming. The scientific term for the warming of the planet due too much CO2 being produced.

Half Earth. The concept of setting aside half of the land and sea on Earth as a nature preserve in order to protect biodiversity and wilderness from humanity.

Nature. The wilderness and biodiversity.

Real Ecology. The advocacy of nature where it comes first before modern human existence.

Wilderness. The place not touched, altered, or visited by humans.