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post containing an event entry from the timeline of the “cosmic spiral” process

  • 21) Cretaceous mass extinction wipes out the dinosaurs

    65 million years ago – Shortly after primates appear on the scene, the Cretaceous period ends with the 6th mass extinction after an asteroid 6 miles in diameter hits the Yucatan peninsula

  • 20) The first flowers

    20) The first flowers

    114 million years ago, Flowers evolve gorgeous and overt sexual organs, making themselves irresistible to insects by way of colours, perfumes, and delightful nectars.

  • 19) The first birds

    19) The first birds

    150 million years ago. Birds emerge, a direct descendant of the dinosaur as leg bones evolve into wing bones, jawbones into beaks and scales into feathers.

  • 18) The first mammals

    18) The first mammals

    225 million years ago, the first mammals, small and nocturnal, jump, climb, swing, and swim through a world of giants.

  • 17) Permian-Triassic mass extinction

    235 million years ago sees the end of the Permian period when the 4th and greatest mass extinction of life on Earth takes place.

  • 16) Forests evolve

    16) Forests evolve

    335 Million years ago, the first subtropical forests evolve. Over generations, these forests load themselves with carbon extracted from the atmosphere which later becomes fossilized as coal and oil

  • 15) The first amphibians emerge onto land

    395 million years ago – The first amphibian animals hop and lumber onto land, trading in their gill slits for air-breathing lungs, transforming fins into stubby legs and continuing to return to the water to lay their eggs.

  • 14) Colonisation of the land by plants and invertebrates

    460 million years ago – Leaving the water, animals such as worms and mollusks and crustaceans seek the adventure of weather and gravity

  • 13) Earth sees herself

    13) Earth sees herself

    600 million years ago, light sensitive eyespots evolve into eyesight. The Earth sees herself for the first time.

  • 12) The first multicellular life

    700 million years ago, the first Multicellular Organisms emerge. Some organisms begin living together in colonies, finding ways to communicate with each other using chemical messages